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I see the narration as crucial and necessary attribute of our existence into which every element of the reality is clothed - from a nail to a city. Hence my works are equipped with a plot, often very personal one. I am inspired by stories, because I firmly believe in a text. I run both some private shamanic practices and diversionary activities in the city. I deal with a magical dimension of our existence, the simultaneity of the world, André Breton’s objective chance and subtleties of the reality. For me one of the strong clues is the surrealists’ concept so I often use work methods specific for artists of that formation. I am intrigued by the notion of linearity and the resulting consequences. One of the key means of expression for me is perseveration as a stubborn return to a certain content. This last category derives in particular from contact with graphic arts which was a subject of my studies and pedagogical practice, and which attribute is the repetitiveness of the image and the schizophrenic division of perception. I understand art as dealing with a thought process. A multitude of these themes abounds often with complex projects, responding to bothering me questions through various media which
I often have to learn completely anew.

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